Identity Portal FAQ

If you are interested in registering for our identity portal, below you will find a list of helpful answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I register for Identity Portal?

  1. Go to
  2. Select > Not a member
  3. Select > iSAMS Client
  4. Fill in the form
Please complete all the fields:
  • Use your school’s email domain address
  • Your iSAMS Client Code is your iSAMS System ID, contact the administrator at your school for this number
  • Allow for 24hrs to access the support and community portals

How to find your iSAMS ID Code?

Login to your iSAMS system and go to the Control Panel, under Client Information you will find your iSAMS Code.

Please note: Only iSAMS Administrators can access the control panel.

Can I use this Identity login for our iSAMS system?

No, the Identity Portal is our Single Sign On (SSO) portal for all support-related iSAMS documentation, it currently does not integrate with the login to your iSAMS system. Users will need to maintain two separate logins for the Identity Portal and the iSAMS system.

I don’t have access to the Account Management section on the portal, how do I get access?

The Primary contact marked at your school would be the iSAMS Administrative User, please contact this person at your school. They will have the ability to change your user level access.

The iSAMS Administrator user and Primary contact has since left the school, how do I make myself the Administrative User?

If the Primary contact at your school has left, and no other contact has been made an Administrative user, please reach out to your Customer Account Manager to check our system and change the primary contact so that you will have access to the Account Management section in Identity Portal.