Student & Parent FAQ

If you are a student or parent at a school that uses iSAMS, below you will find a list of helpful answers to commonly asked questions.

How do I find and log in to the iSAMS Student or Parent Portal login?

The iSAMS Student Portal login link is typically located on the school’s website. The URL is unique to each school for you to access the portal.

iSAMS do not publish a list of these links, nor do we store any login details. Please contact your school administrator if you have any trouble finding the login or accessing the Student Portal.

Where can I find the school code to be used on the mobile app and parents portal.

The school code would have been given to you by the school when accounts were created, there would only be one school code per school used for all apps and the administrator at your school would have access to the school code, if it’s needed please contact the school.

The school code is a 3-6 character code that links the iSAMS App to the schools’ servers. The code can be obtained from the school or should have been provided to you when the school informed you of the App. Contact the school if you don’t know the code or have any problems.

My child’s school parent portal has been locked/disabled, can you reset my password?

If a parent has been locked out of the parent portal you will need to click on the ‘forgotten your details’ option which would then prompt you to enter your username, once the username has been entered click on the ‘Reset Password’ button for a link to be sent to your email address for the password reset.

If the accounts have been disabled then you would need to get in touch with the administrator at the school to have the accounts enabled before the password for the account can be reset.

My parent account has been blocked, can I get another password link?

You would need to click on the ‘forgotten your details’ option and reset your password and try logging in again.

If your account has been disabled then you would need to get in touch with the school administrator to have your account enabled, once the account has been enabled you can then reset your password if required.

I created a parent account but it is not accessible now.

If this is related to your account being blocked/locked or disabled then resetting the password would be an option, you would also need to contact the school to re-enable your account before the password can be reset.

If this does not fix the problem, getting in touch with the school administrator and reporting the incident so that the account can be enabled by the administrator at the school.

My child’s parents portal account is blocked.

Please get in touch with the school to report this incident so that they can enable the account. If your account is disabled then please get in touch with the school so that it can be enabled. Once it has been enabled the account password can be reset if needed.

How do I access my child's school reports?

The report cards can be found in a few ways, the parent portal, student portal and then both the parent and student apps. For the parent portal the school would need to publish the reports before they can be viewed by the parents or students.

Once the reports have been published they can be found under school reports > select the child > view child’s reports. On the parent app the reports can be found under ‘My children’ tab > Assessments and reports > reports tab > select the report.

How can I change/reset my password?

If you are trying to reset the password for your parent app then this can be done by clicking on the ‘forgotten my details’ option in the parent portal, both the parent portal and parent app would use the same password, therefore, changing it in the parent portal would also change the password for the apps.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue then the school could get in touch with their administrator for assistance with resetting their password. Also if the users’ account is disabled the user needs to get in touch with the school to have their user account enabled before they can reset the password.

I cannot open the app on our iPhone anymore.

Check to see if the app is up to date on the app store or google play store. Clear your browser cache and then restart their app.

Make note of the app version, device OS version and the device name, once you have this information please get in touch with the school administrator and raise this with them so that they can do what’s necessary.

I’ve got the app and registered but I’ve forgotten login details.

If you have forgotten your login details, you can get in touch with your school administrator and get them to reset their password manually or send a reset link to the user. Another option could be to reset the password from the parent portal if you have an account which would then reset their password for the app access.

If the account has been disabled then the school would need to enable it before the password can be reset.

When logged into the parent portal it says 'no family is linked'

When the message appears that there isn’t a family linked this would need to be checked in the system, you would need to get in touch with the school administrator who would then take a look at the pupil’s record and the parent’s user account to see whether it’s linked correctly.